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Data Security

A professional document SDK designed with security in mind, so you can provide an efficient and secure experience for your users. Minimize or eliminate reliance on external servers and third-party services with serverless, client-side features. PDFTron helps you stay on top of security and compliance.


The most secure SDK on the market
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Client-Side Rendering

Your data never needs to leave your application, eliminating risk exposure.

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Proprietary Source Code

Feel protected and shielded from attackers who exploit open-source libraries.

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Trusted Integrations

Integrations, such as Salesforce and others, are free from server-side dependencies.

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Tailor Made

PDFTron SDK is tailored to your business needs

Custom Pricing

Custom pricing based on your application and business requirements

Hands On Help

Solution Engineers are on hand to assist you along the way

20+ Years of Experience

With more than 20 years in the market, PDFTron understands the need for highly customized and individual solutions