Unlock the Power of Direct PDF Editing with WebViewer 10.7

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Microsoft Office Viewer SDK

Bring accurate and reliable Microsoft® Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and legacy Office format viewing to your application on any platform — free from server-side or Microsoft Office dependencies.

Office Viewer


View All Office Documents

Easily enable the complete spectrum of DOCX, XLSX, and PPTX file viewing and annotating capabilities in all popular frameworks, platforms, and PaaS environments such as Salesforce.

Intelligent Content Comparison

Capture intelligent highlights of differences by entire words, sentences, or paragraphs instead of single characters with advanced, side-by-side document comparisons.

Review and Approval Workflows

Add review, collaboration, and approval workflows that include mentions, versioning, and a decision audit trail.

Apryse SDK


Standardized Cross-Platform Support

Deliver a consistent document experience for Office format viewing in any browser, application, or framework, even on platform integrations such as Salesforce.

Solve Microsoft Office and Open-Source Word Processing Dependencies

Leverage an Office SDK built from the ground up to liberate you from maintaining liabilities such as Interop, print drivers, and open-source libraries.

Fast and Infinitely Scalable

Leverage the perks of infinitely scalable client-side rendering, including reduced server and network resource usage. Run Office workflows in your browser, independent from MS Office and LibreOffice.

Secure by Design

Eliminate vulnerabilities: Apryse's Office Viewer SDK renders client-side in your browser or native application, so your data never leaves your application.