Unlock the Power of Direct PDF Editing with WebViewer 10.7

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Intelligent Data Extraction That Just Works

What if data extraction would just work right out of the box, without training the model on each type of document or having to check for errors? The Apryse IDP's new Intelligent Data Extraction marks a milestone advancement in the accuracy and efficiency of processing data, text, tables, and content from PDF documents right into your database or workflows.

Apryse IDP: Intelligent Data Extraction

Easily extract and process data, text, tables and structural information trapped in your PDFs with Apryse IDP’s new Intelligent Data Extraction component. Find out how AI-powered accuracy intelligently recognizes and extracts any type of document layout to structured JSON right out of the box.

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How Intelligent Data Extraction gives Businesses a Competitive Edge

How do businesses leverage their ability to accurately extract content and data from their stored documents? Dive into the world of downstream applications and discover the true value of accurately extracted data, from operations to analytics.

New SVG to PDF Conversion

Update to the newest version of Apryse Developer Suite to convert from SVG to PDF format as part of the Media Add-on. SVG to PDF conversion is native to the Apryse Developer Suite, independent from external third-party or open-source libraries.

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WebViewer BIM - Rounding off the Edges

The newest version of WebViewer BIM 3D viewing and annotation component, released in fall 2022, adds cross-section views of your model, Revit file support, annotation hotspots, and issues now remember exactly which elements were visible when an issue was created.

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