Unlock the Power of Direct PDF Editing with WebViewer 10.7

Unlock PDF content with Apryse IDP's Intelligent Data Extraction

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John Chow, Product Manager, and Julian Ertelt, Product Marketing Manager, showcase the benefits and demo the Intelligent Data Extraction release, a component for Apryse's IDP add-on.

The Intelligent Data Extraction component marks a milestone advance in the accuracy and efficiency of processing data, text, and content from stored PDF documents into your database.

Learn how to extract mission-critical information programmatically from your stored PDFs to unlock new opportunities for business analytics at scale, using data you already have. In this webinar, you will learn about two real-life examples of these IDE features and how structured JSON extracts are leveraged in an everyday business context:

  • PDF to Structured JSON
  • Table Detection
  • Tabular Data Extraction to Excel
  • Form Field Detection (feat. Apryse.AI)

Demonstrated Use Cases:

  • Automated data labeling – programmatic extraction and segmentation of PDF texts for AI, to reduce time and human error in tagging
  • Automated intake – turning an existing document repository or the ongoing process of document intake into a database