Unlock the Power of Direct PDF Editing with WebViewer 10.7

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JavaScript DOCX Editor

Seamlessly integrate Word document editing workflows into your web application: DOCX Editor lets users work with DOCX files that can be created, edited, and reviewed, just like they would in Microsoft Word.

Boost user productivity and consolidate workflows by bringing native DOCX editing into your web application.
True WYSIWYG Word Editing

Word edits are what you see is what you get: Save your changes in DOCX Editor, and you can rely on that formatting and styling looks the same when opened in any other Word processors.

Centralize Word Processing Workflows

Empower users with a powerful array of Word Processing capabilities to create and edit DOCX on the fly without switching to Microsoft Office or uploading files to a third-party cloud application.

Secure Client-Side Document Editing

DOCX Editor is secure by design, with rendering and processing fully client-side in your web app. Word Documents always stay on the device, inherently ensuring compliance and data safety.

Edit Word Documents in the Browser

Open any DOCX file and begin writing or modifying content instantly in your web application without needing Microsoft Word or cloud-based document tools.

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Create & Save Word Documents

Create new DOCX files seamlessly from within any web application and free from third-party desktop software or cloud dependencies – Documents can be saved as DOCX or as PDF.

Fonts, Styling, and Text Colour

Make any document your own and intuitively change fonts, styling (bold, italics, underline), and font colors.

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Text Alignment, Line Spacing, Font Sizes, and Headings

Fine-tune text formatting by changing text alignment, line spacing, font sizes and standardize headings for any paragraph or headline in your document.

Lists with Bullet Points and Numbers

Organize your ideas like you would in Microsoft Word and add bullet points or numbered lists.

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Integrate DOCX Editor in your Low-Code Eco-System

Empower users to make edits in Word Documents without ever leaving your Salesforce, Appian or Mendix instances: DOCX Editor integrates easily into your low-code application with just a few clicks.

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