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Measurement Tools SDK for PDF, CAD, and More

Easily add pdf and cad measurement or dimensioning tools to your web, mobile, or desktop app.

Measuring and Dimensioning

Accurate measuring and dimensioning tools for area, distance, perimeter, and more at any level of detail in PDF, CAD, and dozens more file formats. Scale and adjust your measurement units as needed.

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Arc Measurements

Measure curved lines using the arc measurement tool. Select a startpoint, a midpoint, and an endpoint to get arc length, arc radius, and the center angle measurements.

Object Snaps

Ensure accuracy with PDF measurement tools that snap to objects in drawings or plans. Snap to endpoints, midpoints, intersections, and more to get precise estimates and takeoffs from your software.

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Image Overlay

Review changes in your document with side-by-side, pixel-by-pixel comparisons of versions.

Layer Support

Create, edit, and modify layers in your plan. Toggle visibility of layers to declutter your view.

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