Unlock the Power of Direct PDF Editing with WebViewer 10.7

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Annotation Tools to Draw, Highlight, Collaborate

Apryse SDKs provide robust, cross-platform annotation and markup tools for PDFs, Office documents, images, video, and many other file formats.

Annotate, Highlight, and Mark up Documents

Give users access to a wide range of annotation and markup tools, including sticky notes, comments, bookmarks, stamps, freehand drawings, and file attachments. Control permissions by setting reader or contributor levels for document access, plus enables importing and exporting of notes and annotations from an XFDF layer.

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Rich Text Annotations

Enhance free text annotations by customizing font styles, including bold, italic, underline, strikeout, and different colors for specific characters. This feature adheres to the PDF specification, ensuring compatibility with other PDF viewers.

Annotation Use Cases

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Fast track the approval process by selecting multiple annotations at once from the comments panel. Annotation grouping organizes reviews across multiple pages, and numbered annotations simplify referencing.

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From grading assignments and taking notes, to research project collaboration, annotations are incredibly useful in any educational setting. As hybrid learning becomes the norm, annotations are essential for supporting on-demand, digital learning.

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The ability to label and annotate medical images like X-rays, CT scans, and MRIs improves collaboration between providers, specialists, and insurers. WebViewer is secure by design, protecting your data while providing an intuitive user experience.


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What are PDF annotations?

Annotations enable users to mark up and comment on PDFs without altering the original author's content.

What are the benefits of embedded annotations?

Annotation enables document readers or reviewers to highlight important information for future readers and enhances collaboration in a single application. This eliminates the need for switching between applications and contexts, which increases productivity. The Apryse Developer Suite of SDKs makes it quick and easy to embed this functionality into any client or server-side application.

What types of annotations does Apryse support?

The Apryse SDK provides comprehensive annotation and markup capabilities across various platforms, supporting a wide array of file formats like PDFs, Office documents, video, audio, and images. It offers diverse tools such as sticky notes, comments, freehand drawings, and file attachments, along with the ability to export annotations,and merge them permanently into documents.

How can I annotate video files?

Annotating video files directly inthebrowser enables frame-by-frame review for quick collaboration and efficient production of the final product. Potential video annotations includes freehand drawings, shapes, text, comments, image stamps, and more. It is crucial that the annotations remain separate from the underlying file and can be saved into a database, as a global XFDF file, or as separate XFDF files for each user. Typically, permissions can be applied to the annotations, controlling who can view them, determining if some users have read-only access, and specifying whether users can add their own annotations.

Can audio files be annotated?

Annotations can be applied on top of an audio track so that teams can comment, collaborate, review and approve files such asMP3, OGG, WAV, and FLAC.With Apryse WebViewer,customers can embed client-side audio annotation as well as redaction capabilities into their applications.