Unlock the Power of Direct PDF Editing with WebViewer 10.7

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Advanced PDF Search API

Use advanced regex to search across pages, annotations, and PDF libraries. Find the exact position of text on pages and highlight all matches in your browser / mobile / desktop app.

Text Searching

Find the location of text on a page or in the entire document. Search by literal string, wildcards, or other regular expression metacharacters. Show surrounding text to orient users where to look.

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Annotation Searching

Store annotations as searchable XFDF files, which can include metadata like date, name, approval status, and more. Instantly jump to annotations in documents with thousands of annotations.

Highlight Relevant Matches

Add inline styling and highlighting to help your users find matches within the page. Give users the ability to jump directly to relevant search results within multi-page documents. Customize the UI to optimize your search experience.

Search Multiple Documents

Programmatically search across multiple documents at predefined locations. Extract information and metadata from a set of documents for advanced searching.

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Client-Side Processes

Scale easily without any server-side dependencies like Microsoft Office or LibreOffice for rendering, conversion, or editing PDFs, Microsoft Office, images, videos, and HTML.

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Unparalleled Rendering Quality

Bring fast rendering and leading accuracy conversion of Office documents to any web, mobile, or desktop application.

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Secure By Design

No outside dependencies means you can deploy on your own infrastructure without data ever leaving your platform to eliminate vulnerabilities.

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Expert and Reliable Support

Accelerate projects with our team of experienced SDK developers there to support you through your unlimited trial to the finish line and beyond.

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