Unlock the Power of Direct PDF Editing with WebViewer 10.7

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Apryse SDK

Easily embed our Video SDK to view, annotate and collaborate on MP4, OGG, WebM files in your web browser or on web apps No plugin or 3rd party licenses required

Video Annotation SDK
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Collaborate & Review Videos

Comment and annotate videos frame by frame. Use the same annotations capabilities as you do on PDFs, images and other file formats. Place comments across multiple video frames.

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Privacy First

Videos are loaded from your existing file storage and rendered completely client-side in the browser without having to worry about your content being sent off to third-party servers.

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Fully Customizable UI/UX

Increase adoption and productivity by simplifying the open source UI. Match your desired look and feel. Hide unnecessary features -- or add custom annotations that trigger workflows.

Video Viewer

Embed in Your Existing Web App

Instead of relying on the availability of a third-party service, embed and customize WebViewer Video into your existing web app, workflow, platform.

No File Size Limit

Stream large videos from your file storage. Whether it is full movie production or just a small social ad, we have you covered. See frame by frame previews as you are scrolling through the timeline.

Extensive Player Controls

Control the speed of the playback, loop the video, enter into the precision mode to place notes and provide feedback across multiple frames.

Video Annotation

Rich Annotation Support

Place notes, draw shapes, add free text annotation with rich text editing, add your own custom watermarking

Sort & Filter

Sort and filter annotations by type, author, status, timecode to speed up review. Accept, reject, complete or cancel notes or tasks on a video frame.

Collaborate in Real-Time

Quickly watch and annotate the video with multiple people. Chat and collaborate at the same time instead of emailing comments around.

Time to make work better and life simpler.