Unlock the Power of Direct PDF Editing with WebViewer 10.7

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Feature Overview

See all capabilities at a glance, available with Apryse SDK on web, mobile and server.


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The industry-leading PDF rendering engine provides a range of accurate and fast PDF editing functionalities, directly in the browser.

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Get accurate and reliable rendering of DOCX, XLSX, PPTX, and legacy format documents in your browser via any JavaScript framework.

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Render and collaborate on PNG, JPEG, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, DICOM, HEIC and hundreds more image formats.


Annotate and collaborate on CAD-based PDFs with Apryse's in-house rendering engine, with unlimited zoom rendering to see detail at any level.

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3D & BIM

Annotate, navigate, and collaborate on .IFC and .RVT file BIM models right in your browser.

WebViewer BIM Docs


Annotate and collaborate freely without losing any interactive elements of your page.

WebViewer View HTML Docs


Facilitate video review and approval processes with advanced frame-by-frame audio and video annotation features.

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Securely redact sensitive content directly in your audio track.

Audio File Types in Docs


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Out-of-the-box UI

Our UI is open-source, so you can also skip the APIs and customize it right in the source code.

UI Customization Docs

Customization APIs

A rich set of APIs allows you to customize extensive functionality and create your own look and feel with only a few lines of code.

Hiding UI Element Docs

Build your own UI

Build your own one-of-a-kind design using the same APIs and rendering engine as the WebViewer UI.

Apryse Server SDK Docs


Available in 12 languages, with i18n support for additional translations.

Localization Docs

Custom CSS

Create your own color theme for any WebViewer element.

CSS Customization Docs


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Text Annotations

Annotate, manipulate, and extract text accurately in your documents.

Text Annotation Docs

Flatten Annotations

Flatten annotations to make them part of your document.

Flatten Annotation Docs

Shape Annotations

Use preset shapes, callout, and freehand annotations to highlight specific areas of your documents.

Shape Annotation Docs

Export Annotations

Optimize storage capacity by exporting annotations separately to your database.

Export Annotations Docs

Import Annotations

Import existing annotations as XFDF or FDF.

Import Annotations Docs

Stamp Annotations

Choose from a set of stamps or create a set of customs to expedite review and approval processes.

Create Stamp Docs

Remove Annotations

Remove every annotation from your document in a single click.

Remove Annotation Docs

Signature Annotations

Add digital signatures in typed or handwritten format.

Add Signature Annotation Docs

Measurement Annotations

Accurate, scalable, and auto-snapping measurement tools in 2D and 3D documents.

Measurement Tool Docs

Review and Approval Statuses

Ease review and approval processes with our annotation statuses or create your own custom set.

Annotation Status Docs

Rich Text Annotation

Change the color, font, and other stylistic elements.

Rich Text Option Docs

Annotation Links

Add links to another page or an external URL to any annotation.

Links in Annotation Docs

Custom Annotations

Create your own custom annotations.

Custom Annotation Docs

Annotation Permissions

Control who can access annotation tools and colors.


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Search with UI

Apryse's own AI-powered text search and extraction algorithm provides accurate and versatile search modes and features within the WebViewer UI.

AI Text Search Docs

Programmatic Search

Access WebViewer UI's detailed search capabilities when you build your own UI.

Advance Text Search Docs

Ambient String Search

Search results are listed with surrounding context displayed to enhance user experience.

Ambient String Search Docs

Regex Search

Search documents for regular expressions such as personal and sensitive information.

RegEx Search Docs


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Form Filling

Allow users to fill various form data, and extract form data for cost-effective on-site storage of information.

Form Field Docs

Form Creator and Editor

Create new and edit existing forms with digital signatures, buttons, text, validation, and much more.

Form Create and Edit Docs

Form Field Customization

Change any visual of your form fields, and set design rules for select field types.

Customize Form Field Docs

Form Flattening

Merge field content with the form to generate one searchable filled document for archival or processing.

Flatten Form Docs


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Achieve full compliance by converting your documents to any version and conformance level of the PDF/A standard.

PDF/A Conversion Docs

PDF/A Validation

Validate PDF/A compliance, and generate error reports to efficiently fix compliance deficits.

PDF/A Validation Docs


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True Redaction

Remove text or areas permanently and securely, separately, or programmatically via search and redact.

Redaction Docs


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Sign documents with a drawn, typed, or uploaded signature and save numerous signature templates for quick sign flows.

E-Signature Docs

Digital Approval Signature Creation

Increase document security and enforce signature order by adding a digital certificate.

Digital Approval Signature Docs

DocTimeStamp (DTS) Signature Creation

Add DocTimeStamp (DTS) signature to PDF that is verifiable with a third-party.

DTS Signature Docs

Digital Signature Validation

Confirm the validity of all digital signatures and their signing history within a document.

Validate Digital Signature Docs

Digital Certification Signature

Certify the unaltered state of a document with multiple signees.

Certify Digital Signature Docs

Long-Term Validation (LTV) Signature Creation

Add Long-Term Validation (LTV) signature to PDF that is verifiable at any time in the future, regardless of any changes made to technology specifications in the future.

LTV Signature Docs


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Document Streaming

Reduce bandwidth and experience blazing-fast loading times with document streaming technology.

Document Streaming Docs

File Flattening

Increase rendering performance on older browsers by reducing document complexity.

Flatten File Docs

File Optimization

Compress images or redundant information to reduce document file size.

Optimize File Docs

Content Extraction

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Text Extraction

Reliably copy text out of your document, powered by a two-step extract and rebuild process to maximize accuracy.

Text Extraction Docs

Image Extraction

Copy and extract all images and graphic elements, including vector paths.

Image Extraction Docs

Embedded Fonts

Extract embedded fonts and relevant font information.

Embedded Fonts Docs

Color Separation

Ensure color accuracy for printing with CMYK color separation.

Color Separation Docs

Table Extraction

Detect and extract tables from true and image-based documents, including any graphic elements the tables contain.

Table Extraction Docs

Article Extraction

Extract articles from publications and combine them with reflow capabilities in reader mode.

Article Extraction Docs


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Add Layer

Easily add and remove drafted content by adding custom layers on top of documents and drawings.

Add Custom Layers Docs

Layer Extraction

Extract and reuse individual layers in other documents and workflows.

Layer Extraction Docs

Show & Hide Layers

Toggle layer visibility to display or switch off optional information on complex documents and allow different users to collaborate on the same files.

Show / Hide Layers Docs

Page Manipulation

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Page Manipulation UI

Enabled via permissions, allow users to manipulate pages separately or in bulk entirely client-side in their browsers.

Page Selection UI Docs

Reorder Pages

Drag one or multiple pages in the Page view to reorder them, or perform the same operation programmatically.

Reorder Page Docs

Thumbnail Generation

Create document previews in various sizes and quality settings.

Generate Thumbnail Docs

Rotate Pages

Rotate individual pages or the entire document at once.

Rotate Page Docs

Insert Pages

Insert a page anywhere in the document, manually or programmatically.

Insert Page Docs

Remove Pages

Remove individual or multiple pages at once.

Remove Page Docs

Extract Pages

Extract pages into a newly generated PDF document, or save content in file storage.

Extract Page Docs

Crop Pages

Crop pages programmatically or manually by drawing an area to crop.

Crop Page Docs

Merge Pages

Combine pages or entire documents of any file format, programmatically or via drag and drop.

Merge Page Docs

Replace Pages

Replace select pages with a new document from local files, URL, or JSON object containing paths to your files.


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Custom PDF Encryption

Build your own custom encryption algorithm on top of included document security.

Create Custom Encryption Docs

Modify or Add Security Permissions

Manage and modify permissions to prevent users from unauthorized actions.

Modify Security Permission Docs

Standard PDF Encryption

Secure access to documents with multi-level passwords.

PDF Encryption Docs

Remove Encryption

Remove any existing encryption from your document.

Remove Encryption Docs


Securely embed static or dynamic watermarks with names, dates, and custom content into your documents.

Watermark Docs


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Add Bookmark

Add bookmarks to any location within the document.

Add Bookmark Docs

Edit Bookmark

Modify a bookmark name and set its destination right down to page sections and zoom areas.

Edit Bookmark Docs

Remove Bookmark

Delete any existing bookmark from the document.

Remove Bookmark Docs

View Table of Contents

Navigate your documents via a table of contents you can extract for easy reference.

Table of Contents Navigation Docs

User Bookmarks

Let users create their own set of bookmarks and export them for future use on the same document.

User-Created Bookmark Docs


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Text Extraction and Comparison

Extract text for a letter-by-letter comparison to highlight any differences between two documents.

Extract and Compare Text Docs

PDF Overlay

Create an overlay PDF that highlights all differences in text and graphic elements between two documents.

PDF Overlay Compare Docs

Semantic Text Comparison

Compare changes in semantic categories, such as headers, paragraphs, numbers, and generate a document with a summary of differences for easy review.

Semantic Text Compare Docs

Image Overlay

Compare documents visually by converting the two documents to images to lay them on top of each other for a pixel-by-pixel comparison.

Pixel-by-Pixel Compare Docs

Reflow / Reader Mode

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Reader Mode

Create a comfortable reading experience by automatically adopting font sizing and flow to smaller screen sizes while retaining all annotation and search functions.

Reader Mode Docs

File Flattening

Increase rendering performance on older browsers by reducing document complexity.

Flatten File Docs

File Optimization

Compress images or redundant information to reduce document file size.

Optimize File Docs

Document Generation

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DOCX Template Generation

Populate any DOCX template with JSON from a datasource to generate your PDF, while retaining reflow, dynamic tables, images, and more.

PDF Template Generation

Generate PDFs from PDF templates with replaceable content strings.

HTML Template Generation

Generate PDFs from dynamically generated HTML templates.

HTML/PDF Conversion Sample Project

Document Editing

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PDF Text Editing with Auto-Reflow

Edit PDF text and images similar to editing in Word, supporting text reflow and resizing or changing the position of paragraph boxes. Apply different styles like bolding, italicizing, or underlining. Resize images and remove images.

Text Editing Docs

DOCX Editing

Edit existing or create new DOCX files natively in WebViewer and apply styling to text, change font and font size, or add bulleted and numbered lists. Users enjoy WYSIWYG output quality via native DOCX file support without requiring post-edit conversion from intermediate formats.

DOCX Editing Feature Details

Programmatic Document Content Reading

Edit any text, image, path and JS element within your PDF, among many others.

Edit PDF Docs

Programmatic Document Content Editing

Edit text content, appearance, page setup, and much more.

Write Content Docs

Programmatic Document Content Removal

Detects all content for removal, whether it's visible or hidden behind a layer.

Remove Content Docs

Document Understanding

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Table Detection

Detect and extract tables from true and image-based documents, including any graphic elements the tables contain.

Intelligent Data Extraction Docs

Article Extraction

Extract articles from publications and combine them with reflow capabilities in reader mode.

Form Field Detection

Detect and extract form field labels and values from a PDF or an image. Fields include dates, signatures, text, and numeric.

Semantic Detection

Detect and extract tables, figures (images), equations, headers, footers, footnotes, and page numbers.


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Basic OCR

Add the Tesseract OCR module to convert images or PDFs to text-selectable PDFs.

OCR Docs

Advanced OCR

Opt for superior optical character recognition performance via IRIS OCR, based on the IRIS iDRS engine.

Advanced OCR Docs


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Office to PDF


Office to PDF Conversion Docs

PDF to Office

Convert PDF to DOCX, XLSX, PPTX.

PDF to Office Conversion Docs

Legacy Office Conversion


Office Conversion Docs


HTML to PDF Conversion

HTML to PDF Conversion Docs


PDF to HTML Conversion

PDF/HTML Conversion Sample Project


Convert DWG, DXF, IFC, RVT, DGN, STL, OBJ to DWG, OBJ, GLTF, PDF (3D and 2D).

Image to PDF




Webviewer Server Docs

PDF to Image


Advanced Imaging to PDF

Direct conversion from DICOM and other formats such as AAI, ARW, DCR, HEIC and RAF to PDF.

WebViewer Server Docs

Ready-to-Deploy Server

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Apryse WebViewer Server

Deploy WebViewer Server to increase performance and convert a number of formats to PDF, Microsoft Office, or images.

WebViewer Server Docs

Browser Support

On Web and Mobile:

Low-Code Integrations:

Salesforce, Mendix, Appian, SharePoint, OutSystems


Supported on Server