Unlock the Power of Direct PDF Editing with WebViewer 10.7

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WebViewer: JavaScript Document SDK

Compatible with all frameworks and browsers, WebViewer delivers the highest quality rendering, conversion, and document manipulation capabilities through a single, customizable component. Supporting PDF, Office, CAD, images, videos, and websites, it's fully featured out of the box, delivering exceptional usability and functionality trusted by thousands.

WebViewer enables super fast time to market (UI out of the box), customization control (change it!) and opex/security (running in browser)
Fully Featured Out of the Box

WebViewer's out-of-the-box UI is used and trusted by thousands of customers, delivering exceptional usability and functionality.

Customizable to your needs

Make it your own with complete control over functionality, behavior, and appearance. Reflect your brand and the user experience you want.

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Secure & Efficient

Scale your application and bring processing client-side, eliminating server-side and third-party dependencies. View, edit, and process documents in the browser, delivering a secure and real-time document experience.

Annotation and Collaboration

Choose from 35+ annotations or build custom markup tools. Then, leverage out-of-the-box modules to enable real-time collaboration.

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Digital Signatures

Create complete, custom signing workflows, including signature field assignment, signature creation, collection, and validation.


Eliminate confidential information by searching and redacting sensitive keywords, strings, and patterns. Redact areas of images and text, or entire pages.

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Page Manipulation

Add, remove, rearrange, or merge pages easily by clicking or drag-and-drop page thumbnails, or set up a programmatic workflow.

Create Forms

Simplify form filling with features that automate data entry into your database. Fill, edit, and create new forms. Populate data from any source into existing templates.

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Document Generation

Embed a scalable and secure document generator that merges Office templates with JSON data client-side, right in the browser.


Easily identify changes in drawings and documents with intuitive overlays, side-by-side comparisons, and semantic text differences in highlighted word pairs.

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Text Editing

Have users edit PDF text and images in your app with a leading-accuracy editor that embeds directly. Apply or change existing styling or font sizes.


Streamline estimates via a fast, precise measurement tool. Set drawing scale, and measure distance, area, perimeters, and more with snap-to geometry.

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DOCX Editing

Edit and create DOCX files client-side: Write and edit text, apply styling, adjust fonts and sizes, or add bulleted and numbered lists. Eliminate post-edit formatting inconsistencies with native DOCX editing, producing true WYSIWYG output quality across all Word processors.

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