Apryse Announces Acquisition of AI-Powered Document Toolkit Provider LEAD Technologies

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Winter 2024

Improved SDK header/footer detection, label identification in form fields, enhanced WebViewer UI and annotation links, PDF/A and PDF/UA support in Fluent, and AI-generated answers for Xodo.com.

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Fall 2023

Create PDF portfolios and share screen captures in WebViewer - bringing traditionally external tasks into one smooth, browser-based workflow. Users can annotate and share screenshots without switching apps.

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Spring 2023

Create, edit, and save Word Documents natively in WebViewer and drive user satisfaction and productivity with integrated Word processing in your web application.

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Winter 2023

Extract and process data, text, and structural information from PDFs with Intelligent Data Extraction. With breakthrough accuracy, Apryse IDP correctly recognizes document layout and content and converts it into structured JSON output.

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Fall 2022

Explore better editing, workflows, and AEC functionality, with in-line text editing, improved signature workflows, all-new WebViewer for BIM formats, and more.

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