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Fluent: Powerful Document Generation

Manage the full document generation life cycle from template creation in Microsoft Word, Excel, or PowerPoint, to management and production within a self-hosted environment. Empower your developers to rapidly create, manage, and deliver well-formatted reports in high volume with significantly reduced effort.

Every business works with documents, automate as many as you can with Fluent

Create beautiful templates with complex logic for the full suite of documents, reports, and presentations that you rely on

Fast & efficient

Plug the most powerful document generation engine into your own environment. Reliably generate your business-critical documents at any scale with no time lost.

Advanced formatting

Charts, graphs, table of contents, page orientations, and conditional formatting to your heart’s desire. No more compromises on style

Low maintenance

Any permitted user with experience in Word, Excel, or PowerPoint can easily update a template. Make changes without relying on your developers’ availability

MS Office Designer Add-On

Author templates natively in Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, or Excel using the Fluent designer add-on. Merge data using complex conditions to reports, statements, agreements, and more.

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Centralized Template Manager

Store your templates together to manage access, status, and production. Jump into a template to make quick and easy changes.

Document Automation Engine

Deploy this flexible, self-hosted engine in one or multiple environments. Automate the production of millions of documents while managing your server load using the template manager.

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What our customers say

Fluent's Template Designer (AutoTag) is the most user-friendly report automation tool I've worked with so far. They integrated a robust UI into Microsoft Word making every step of the process straight forward. Fluent's support team is responsive and will help you step by step if need be.

G2 Reviewer

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It's very easy to use, It doesn't have a very steep learning curve. It's not difficult, for people who know Microsoft Office well, to start using the AutoTag tool. The most valuable feature is that it provides genuine, dynamic document-generation performance and the documents are being generated reliably

G2 Reviewer

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Fluent just made creating documents a cinch for us whether it is contract generation or document sharing....we have wasted thousands of hours every year just creating documents and making changes to them manually....and now all that's gone

G2 Reviewer

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Leaders in Document Generation Technology

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Supported File Formats & Data Sources

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File Type Input

Work within desktop Microsoft Office applications (DOCX, XLSX, PPTX)

File Type Output

Generate every popular business file type (PDF, PDF/A-3b, PDF/UA, HTML, DOCX, XLSX, PPTX, RTF, direct to printer, images)

Supported Data Sources

JSON, XML, SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, MS Dynamics, OData, Salesforce, SharePoint, DB2, and more

Time to make work better and life simpler

Looking for other Apryse SDK functionality?

Check out our Web SDK for easy-to-handle document generation

Set it & forget it

Create your template once in Word, Excel, or PowerPoint before sending it to the Web SDK for quick and reliable output

Simple input, smart output

JSON data directly affects the structure of your report with automatic reflow of content or dynamic addition of table rows and columns

Custom viewer application

Work beyond document generation with a custom viewer application that supports over 30+ file formats and hundreds of features