Unlock the Power of Direct PDF Editing with WebViewer 10.7

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PDF Editing

Enjoy the flexibility to edit text directly within a PDF. Resize, reflow, and reposition paragraph boxes to emphasize key points and optimize your PDF's layout.

Improve collaboration and simplify workflows by bringing native PDF editing into your web application.
True WYSIWYG PDF Editing

WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editing enables you to make content and style changes with instant, real-time updates. This entirely client-side process offers the intuitive PDF editing experience you’ve always desired

Efficient Collaboration

Empower users to create and edit PDFs on the fly directly in the browser without uploading files to a third-party cloud application.

Secure Client-Side Editing

WebViewer is secure by design, with rendering and processing fully client-side in your web app. PDFs always stay on the device, inherently ensuring compliance and data safety.

Edit PDFs in the Browser

Open any PDF and begin modifying content instantly in your web application.

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Reflowing, Resizing and Formatting

Seamlessly reflow and resize text using the bounding boxes of a detected paragraph.

Undo, Redo Functionality

Make PDF editing feel like any other word processor with undo and redo functionality.

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Text Alignment, Line Spacing, Font Sizes, and Headings

Fine-tune text by changing text alignment, line spacing, font sizes and headings with ease.

Custom Color Palette

Save custom colors by adding the hex code or RGB values to maintain the branded or personalized feel of your PDF.

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Time to make work better and life simpler

Supported Browsers

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Microsoft Edge