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Ensure Document Confidentiality with Secure Redaction Tools

Protect sensitive information and follow international privacy laws with Apryse redaction capabilities. Apryse enables secure, permanent deletion of sensitive data from PDFs, images, Microsoft Office files, and more.

PDF Redaction

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Complete Data Protection

Ensure total data privacy by permanently removing sensitive information from documents. Apryse’s redaction tools enable you to delete text, images, or entire pages, ensuring that the content is unrecoverable.

Redaction Use Cases

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Achieve legal compliance by permanently redacting confidential information before disclosure.

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Safeguard patient privacy and align with regulatory standards like HIPAA by securely deleting personal health information.

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Protect sensitive financial information from unauthorized access through thorough document redaction.

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Automate Redaction: Streamline Your Workflows

Automate the redaction process and boost efficiency with Apryse tools. Set up rule-based redactions to automatically detect and redact sensitive information like personal identifiers and financial data.

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Efficient Bulk Processing

Automatically handle large volumes of documents quickly, maintaining consistent redaction across all files.


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What is secure (or true) redaction?

Secure (or true) redaction involves permanently removing specified data from documents to prevent any possibility of recovery, ensuring full compliance with data protection regulations. Read more in our blog post.

How does automated redaction enhance data security?

Automated redaction minimizes human error, ensuring sensitive data is not inadvertently exposed. It uses predefined rules and pattern recognition to process documents securely and efficiently. Here's a case study.

Can Apryse redaction tools handle complex document formats?

Yes, Apryse’s advanced redaction capabilities are designed to manage a variety of document formats, ensuring reliable redaction regardless of document complexity.

How to integrate Apryse’s redaction into existing workflows?

For step-by-step integration guidance, visit the redaction API documentation.