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Fluent: Automated Microsoft Template Creation

Fluent is a unique solution that simplifies the creation of reports and templates at scale with minimal coding required. The SDK and Microsoft Office plugin enable developers to meet reporting needs efficiently, while empowering admins to design and populate data-driven documents from multiple data sources.

Set it and forget it

Free your backlog from internal report development with an automated template creation solution.

Total Control

Quick to deploy and flexible enough to meet the organization's needs by easily integrating any data source.

Infinite Scalability

Regulatory requirements seem to grow in volume and complexity each year. You won’t outgrow a solution built for the organization’s specific needs.

Indisputable Productivity Impact

Quit wasting precious time on manual, repetitive tasks, data collection, and data entry. Drastically reduce time spent on these tasks while minimizing errors and increasing focus on high-value work.

Microsoft Office Plug-in

End-users can independently generate reports and documents in Word, PowerPoint, and Excel. Insert powerful tags into your template and apply conditional logic.

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Centralized Template Manager

Centralize template administration for easy access, version control, a valuable addition to this solution.

Microsoft Template SDK

Effortlessly embed automated reporting into your application with minimal code. Deploy a Java or .NET Engine in your environment, with RESTful API wrappers. Secure by design, your data never leaves your servers.

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Microsoft Office Template Use Cases

The reporting capabilities are endless.

Batch reporting in Word – accurate and on-time

Generate consistent, brand-compliant reports at scale for internal stakeholders, partners, or third parties.

Forecasting in Excel – dynamic and collaborative

Create complex, data-rich Excel files, and let users tailor it to their needs. From sales forecasts to financial models, Fluent simplifies it all.

Proposals in Word or PowerPoint – elegant and precise

Craft compelling proposal templates in Word or PowerPoint. Impress prospects and keep your team on brand.

What our customers say

Leaders in Document Generation Technology

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Supported File Formats & Data Sources

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File Type Input

Bring your own templates or create them from scratch within desktop Microsoft Office applications.

File Type Output

Meet accessibility and archiving compliance requirements with outputs including native Microsoft files, PDF, PDF/A, PDF/UA, HTML, RTF, and images.

Supported Data Sources

Fluent supports 100’s of data sources including, JSON, XML, SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, MS Dynamics, OData, Salesforce, SharePoint, DB2, and more.

Time to make work better and life simpler

Looking for additional PDF document generation solutions?

Check out our Web SDK for client-side document generation

Template Creation

Create your template once before sending it to the Web SDK for quick and reliable output.

Simple input, smart output

JSON data directly affects the structure of your report with automatic reflow of content or dynamic addition of table rows and columns

Custom viewer application

Work beyond document generation with a custom viewer application that supports over 30+ file formats and hundreds of features


Copied to clipboard


Document generation is an automated process for quickly creating documents using templates and predefined data. Not all document generation tools are the same, so you’ll want to choose one based on the type and complexity of your documents, number of data sources, and the frequency of changes needed. For example, if you work in Microsoft Office to create templates and make them accessible to multiple parties, Fluent is a great option.


Automated reporting and template creation can be applied to virtually any type of document. For example, in the finance industry, invoices, compliance reporting, and bank statements are common. In Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC), project proposals, regulatory reports, and contracts are commonly automated.


According to an IBM estimate, bad data costs approximately $3 billion per year in the US alone. This can happen due to manual errors like misplaced decimal points, transposed digits, or failure to record activity in a ledger. Using document generation technology to automate the process significantly reduces the likelihood of human-caused errors in financial reporting and documents like tax forms. This means less time spent on rework, better data integrity, and a lower chance of fines or penalties.