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Annotation Tool and Viewing "Quality of Life" Improvements

By James Borthwick | 2021 Sep 10

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This blog post covers additions made in versions 9.0.2 and 9.1.0.

For these releases we focused on making important quality-of-life improvements to the viewing API and improving the functionality of our annotation tools.

For the complete list of improvements, visit our detailed changelogs/

Navigation and viewing improvements

  • New go back and go forward navigation buttons when following links in a document. This means that if a user jumps pages, for example by tapping a link or using the document outline, they can use the back button to jump back to their original location.
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  • We have improved our double-tap-to-zoom behavior, so that it is smoother and so that the spot that was tapped is centered in the viewer.
  • Users can now move annotations between pages, simply dragging an annotation from one page to another.
  • We added a new menu item to duplicate an annotation, that copies the annotation and immediately pastes it slightly offset from the original.
  • We added a new, faster reflow engine.

Annotation Tool Improvements

  • A new link creation tool that operates on text and areas of the PDF. Links can point to pages in the PDF or to websites.
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  • Image stamps can now be stamped at lower resolutions than the original image (reducing the PDF's file size).
  • Image stamps can now be created from SVGs selected in the file browser.
  • Support for custom text in editable dropdown form fields.
  • Free Text annotations can now have their background color set with the UI.
  • sticky notes' can now have their color and opacity set with the UI.

And More....

These releases also include some fixes for the upcoming iOS 15,

We hope you like these changes and any feedback is greatly appreciated. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or suggestions for future updates. As always, we have some great new features coming soon so please stay tuned!

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James Borthwick

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