Unlock the Power of Direct PDF Editing with WebViewer 10.7

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Angular PDF & Document Viewer SDK

Embed a best-in-class angular PDF viewer experience, with the best quality and performance across web, mobile, and desktop applications. Support PDF, MS Office, video, images, HTML, and dozens of other formats.

Cross-Platform, Multi-Format

Use the PDF viewer SDK to deliver a consistent viewing experience, on any platform, with more than 160 file formats. Not only do you get dependable quality, but reliable performance is also a given. Server optional.

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User Interface and Customization

Customize your view to fit the branding and user experience you want. You can also choose the controls, permissions, style, and more.

Text Search Capabilities

The SDK uses advanced search capabilities with lightning fast performance. You can search by string, wildcard, or regular expression metacharacters.

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Password-Protected PDFs

You can password protect and encrypt your PDFs to ensure your document's security. Standard and custom encryption handlers are supported.

Interactive ToC Navigation and Bookmarks

Enable interactive navigation in your documents and user productivity by adding bookmarks, table of contents, or various other viewer controls.

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