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Collaborate, review videos and audio - Demo, Integration - WebViewer Video Webinar


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Did you know 46% of organizations reported creating more than 50 videos in 2020? This was up from 13% in 2019, and represents a 254% increase YOY, according to Vidyard’s annual benchmark report.

Does your business currently focus on video production? If not, you may want to consider it.

Join our session to learn:

  • How to manage functionality of video production right in your browser with real-time collaboration, annotations, and approval workflows
  • How client-side file manipulation increases privacy for your users and customers
  • How to customize WebViewer UI to suit your specific use case
  • How to quickly get feedback, iterate and prototype
  • How to get everyone on the same page all under one roof with one solution

Introduction: (0:00​)

Presentation: (1:13​)

Demo: (13:44)

Integration: (23:36)