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Summer 2023 G2 Report: Apryse Earns 42 Badges!

By Chris Miljanovski | 2023 Aug 02

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Although Summer 2023 is already in full swing, we are excited to announce that Apryse has earned more than 42 G2 Badges, including 14 Leader Badges! For those unfamiliar with G2, they are an independent review site where more than one million businesses and individuals share their opinions on the software they use. Think Glassdoor and Yelp, but for software individuals use in professional settings.

In celebration of this achievement, we wanted to highlight a few of the badges we earned and provide a brief overview of each product.

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Our flagship product, The Apryse PDF SDK lets developers bring accurate PDF viewing, creation, editing, annotating, and generation to any web, mobile, server or desktop or framework, or application. Own the full document and data lifecycle, deployed on your own infrastructure, free from external third-party open-source software and third-party hosted services.

Our complete PDF SDK is a full-featured document processing library built in-house with over 20 years of innovation and expertise to bring accurate and reliable rendering, conversion, and processing to your documents. Our solutions support all frameworks, platforms, and languages, over 30 file formats, as well as limitless UI source code customization. Build consistent document experiences into your applications and workflows faster with hundreds of out-of-the-box features backed by cookbooks, best-in-class documentation and support, and an unlimited trial that comes with support.

Check the Apryse PDF SDK out now!

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Fluent is an all-new complete document generation suite. Fluent represents the natural evolution in developer productivity for document generation with the combination of SDK, Template creation in MS Office, and the ability to manage templates at scale. This powerful new solution can centralize your templates and control the complete document generation cycle from creation to production.

With Fluent, you can design templates with flexibility and access author reports, proposals, and other templates natively in Microsoft Word, Excel, or PowerPoint using the Fluent ribbon add-on. You can also Integrate data easily with simplified template data merging, along with a centralized template manager to manage your templates' storage, access, and production.

Check Fluent out now!

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iText by Apryse is a global specialist in PDF. As a PDF library, iText can be embedded into document solution workflows in Legal, Finance, Governance, IT, Operations industries, and much more. iText’s diverse customer base includes more than half of the Fortune 500 companies and many government agencies and small companies alike. 

iText has grown out of the open-source space and still believes in the value of open-source software. The iText 7 Core PDF library is dual-licensed and is available as an open-source (AGPL) and a commercial license. As with the iText 5 library, iText offers commercial licensing for customers who do not wish to comply with AGPL and want to keep their source code private.

Check iText out now!

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Aimed at helping the end user, Xodo allows you to securely view, edit, and transform important files across all platforms and devices with the ultimate all-in-one document solution. With Xodo, go digital with 30+ PDF tools and view, edit, and redact PDF text on page and in-browser. Add or delete PDF text in multi-page documents. Merge, split, and annotate your PDF documents — the possibilities are endless with Xodo!

Check Xodo out now!

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Formerly eversign, Xodo Sign is digital signature software that offers SMBs and large enterprises a secure platform from which to approve, deliver and sign legally binding documents online. Incorporating contract templates, third-party integrations, and a powerful REST API, Xodo Sign aims to provide a comprehensive digital signature solution.

Designed to manage document preparation, electronic signatures, and document security effectively, Xodo Sign equips users with the technology to upload documents, declare signers, and export signed documents quickly.

Check Xodo Sign out now!

Our Customers are Vital to Apryse’s Success 

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While the commitment and dedication of our team helped us earn the 42 badges in the latest G2 report, we wouldn’t be here without our customers. They are the backbone of our business and help us learn and grow, and we couldn’t be more grateful as we wouldn’t be where we are today without them — We thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

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