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Apryse Sponsors No-cost Access to the Latest PDF Specifications

By Apryse | 2023 Apr 05

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Unique collaboration makes the most up-to-date PDF 2.0 features, cryptography, and fixes available for any developer to leverage within their software applications and systems — at no additional cost.

VANCOUVER, BC, April 5, 2023 — Thanks to a unique collaboration between the PDF Association and the three leading PDF companies including Apryse, the latest international standard for PDF Technology — ISO 32000-2, the PDF 2.0 specification — is now available at no charge by visiting pdfa.org/sponsored-standards.

As a result, all PDF software developers can now easily leverage the most modern and up-to-date specifications of the PDF format, including the newest PDF 2.0 features, published errata, and latest cryptographic specifications.

Joel Martins, CTO at Apryse, stated, “We are proud to have worked with the PDF Association and industry leaders to make this collaboration a reality. With the sponsored release of the latest international standards, software developers worldwide — whether individuals or giant corporations — now have unfettered access to the latest, high-quality information they need to build modern, fully interoperable PDF implementations, thus ensuring the future of the format and supporting the incredible developer community that has grown up around PDF.”

Apryse Co-sponsors Public Availability of ISO 32000-2

Since 1993, PDF developers were free to openly read and implement the then-current specifications: PDF 1.0 – 1.7. This freedom is commonly attributed to being crucial to PDF’s ubiquitous adoption in digital workflows and business transactions worldwide, with an estimated 2.5 trillion PDFs in circulation today.

In 2017, PDF 2.0 became the very first standard defining PDF entirely developed in a vendor-neutral forum under International Organization for Standardization (ISO) processes. Putting PDF 2.0 through rigorous ISO standardization would result in a format fair and available to everyone.

PDF 2.0 took several years to develop due to the research, testing, and debate by experts from around the world necessary to ensure improved interoperability for a critical end-user business technology.

In addition to adding many important new features, ISO 32000-2 resolves thousands of ambiguities from earlier specifications and includes the latest technical specifications for cryptography — ISO/TS 32001 and ISO/TS 32002.

Going forward, the PDF Association and sponsors of ISO 32000-2, including Apryse, will ensure continued no-cost access to all the latest versions of the PDF specification, including PDF 2.0 and any future additions.

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