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PDFTron Acquires PDF3D, the World Leader in 3D PDF Conversion and Collaboration Technologies

By Apryse | 2021 Mar 30

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PDFTron platform expands with the availability of the PDF3D SDK for developers

Vancouver, British Columbia, March 30, 2021 — PDFTron Systems Inc., the world’s leading provider of document technology solutions for software developers, today announced the acquisition of PDF3D, UK-based leader in 3D PDF technologies. In conjunction with the acquisition, PDF3D SDK, an expanded module for developers, is now part of the PDFTron platform. The deal marks the fourth acquisition as part of PDFTron’s roadmap acceleration strategy since receiving a $71M growth investment by Silversmith Capital Partners in May 2019 and strengthens the company’s position as the definitive document processing platform for software architects, enterprise application developers, and consumers.

"We are changing the way the world works with documents by driving the digital transformation of commercial, public sector, and consumer productivity in virtually every industry vertical," said PDFTron CEO Catherine Andersz. "From engineering firms seeking faster collaboration on 3D models to consumer phones with 3D cameras and 3D printing applications, we anticipate explosive demand for 3D capabilities. PDF3D is, without question, the world's innovator in 3D PDF technology, and I am delighted to welcome the PDF3D team and customers to PDFTron. Our technologies provide a fantastic complement to one another, and we are aligned on our vision for driving change by offering both low/no-code products and a high-code, embeddable technology. The availability of the PDF3D SDK is an immediate and valuable expansion of the capabilities we can offer to customers."

Headquartered in Maidenhead, UK, PDF3D has led the way in 3D PDF conversion and collaboration since the technology's infancy and has continued to push functionality, design, and usability, securing patents for its innovations. The company's flagship PDF3D SDK product represents the state-of-the-art embeddable technology for developers and product managers — currently used by more than 100 organizations worldwide, including Airbus, Bechtel, Bosch, ExxonMobil, Hexagon, Honeywell, IKEA, Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, Philips, and Rockwell Automation. The company also offers a full suite of end-user, no-code products, providing enterprise consumers powerful capabilities for converting 3D files into animated, 3D PDFs or for converting and compressing analysis results into rich, interactive 3D PDF reports among other common uses.

Now part of the PDFTron platform offering, the PDF3D SDK allows customers to create and share 3D data in a format anyone can instantly view, mark up, and comment on. With rich viewing controls and animation within PDFs, users can deeply inspect 3D drawings, products, and prototypes — drastically speeding up decision times across 3D-intensive business processes and workflows.

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"Both PDFTron and PDF3D share a common obsession with world-changing innovation, and this partnership showcases the unique strengths of both companies," said Ian Curington, CEO of PDF3D. "Our customers will benefit from direct access to PDFTron's global scale and the full breadth of the PDFTron platform. At the same time, together, we can combine our offerings to give customers a single, seamless framework for viewing and collaborating on virtually any type of content, regardless of media, OS, or file type — including 2D content in 30-plus document formats such as PDF, Office and CAD, audio and video, and after today, 3D content as well.

About PDFTron Systems Inc.

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Headquartered in Vancouver, Canada, PDFTron is a premier global provider of high-performance document processing technology serving OEM and enterprise customers across a broad spectrum of industries. PDFTron’s market-leading SDK drives digital transformation and powers next generation software applications with dynamic document viewing, annotation, processing, and conversion capabilities, as well as advanced features such as document understanding, data extraction, and redaction. PDFTron technology supports all major platforms and dozens of unique file types, including support for PDF, MS Office, and CAD formats. For more information, visit www.pdftron.com.

About PDF3D

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PDF3D (www.pdf3d.com) produces a suite of widely respected software products and plugins for engineers, scientists and developers who need to communicate complex data and 3D models to others in the universally accessible PDF format. PDF3D's technology provides the fastest and easiest-to-use, highly compressed 3D PDF conversion available for an ever-increasing range of formats and tools. From 3D CAD to GIS, DWG and LIDAR, PDF3D works closely with users and programmers within the engineering, geospatial, geology, aerospace, architecture, medical and product packaging communities worldwide.

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