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PDFTron Ranked #1 By Those Considering a Commercial PDF SDK

By Apryse | 2019 Sep 27

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Vancouver, British Columbia, September 27, 2019 – PDFTron Systems, a leading provider of document processing tools for software developers, today announced today that Stax Inc. ranked it as the #1 choice among organizations considering a commercial PDF SDK. PDFTron also earned the highest Net Promoter Score (NPS) among its peers at 63, with the average among the top five vendors being 35.

These findings, published in a March 2019 report “Assessing the Market for Document Management and PDFTron’s Competitive Positioning,” were the result of extensive research by Stax, a global management consulting firm with more than 150 professionals across the world and 1,500+ private equity engagements. The research, commissioned by tier 1 growth equity firm Silversmith Capital, was part of its due diligence prior to leading a USD 71 million investment in PDFTron.

To see how PDFTron measured against its top four competitors, Stax surveyed 197 respondents. This included a web survey of 162 commercial PDF SDK adopters, corporate and enterprise customers, and 35 phone interviews with PDFTron customers, competitors, and industry specialists.

The Stax survey data showed that among those considering commercial PDF SDK vendors, PDFTron compared quite favorably and had a strong market reputation.

According to Stax, “PDFTron is a well-known and established brand in the PDF marketplace. Customers are complementary of the company and its products, considering it the ‘Cadillac’ brand of PDF SDK solutions… Across the board, customer feedback has been positive with frequent mentions of speed-to-market and customizability as key strengths.”

Calculating the Best Developer Experience

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Net Promoter Score (NPS) is a universally accepted metric used to evaluate customer experience. In the context of commercial SDKs, NPS provides a definitively measures the developer experience.

To calculate NPS, the customer survey asks a single question: “On a scale of 1 to 10, how likely are you to recommend this company’s product or service?”

The percentage of detractors (responses of zero to six) is then subtracted from the percentage of promoters (responses of nine to 10) to produce a score between -100 and 100 representing the net percentage of promoters.

According to one NPS score analysis, a positive score of 50 or more is generally considered “excellent,” while 70 or more is “world-class.”

When Stax performed its survey, PDFTron compared quite favorably against its peers for NPS. (The following charts were redacted to remove the other four SDK vendor names.)

Infographic of NPS scores across top five PDF SDK vendors

PDFTron also had the lowest self-reported likelihood for customers switching in the PDF SDK market.

Likelihood to switch compared across top 5 PDF SDK vendors

Stax also reported other findings about PDFTron:

  • Widely considered to provide leading offerings in the marketplace
  • A high technical competency relative to the competition
  • The highest rating in cross-platform development for mobile, web, servers, and desktop
  • Superior configurability, which is leveraged by developers to tailor the software kit to highly specific use cases
  • Superior scaling across operating environments when compared with key competitors
  • A relatively stronger mobile platform when compared with key competitors
  • Customers are highly complementary of customer service and support

Information about Stax Inc.
Stax Inc. is a global management consulting firm. It serves corporate and private equity clients across a broad range of industries, including software and technology, healthcare, business services, industrial, consumer and retail, and education. The firm partners with clients, providing data-driven, actionable insights designed to drive growth, enhance profits, increase value, and make better investment decisions. For more information, visit stax.com.

Information about PDFTron
Headquartered in Vancouver, BC, PDFTron is a premier global provider of high-performance document processing technology serving customers across a broad spectrum of industries. PDFTron’s industry-leading SDK drives digital transformation and powers next generation software applications with dynamic document viewing, annotation, processing, and conversion capabilities, and advanced features such as document understanding, data extraction, and redaction. PDFTron SDK supports all major platforms and unique file types, including PDF, Microsoft Office, and CAD formats. For more information on XODO, visit xodo.com.

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