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Visual Technology Services Limited ("PDF3D") announces the end-of-support for all PDF3D software at December 31, 2023.

Visual Technology Services Limited ("PDF3D") announces the end-of-support for all PDF3D software, including PDF3DReportGen, pdf3d.io, PDF3D-SDK Pro, PDF3D PV+ and PDF3D in PowerPoint. Sales of all PDF3D software has already ceased and support for PDF3D software will cease on December 31, 2023. This notice applies to all customers under both end-user license agreements (EULA) and PDF3D-SDK license agreements, including OEM.

PDF3D is communicating these changes well in advance so that our customers can prepare for the end-of-support and get their questions answered should they have them.

Final Version

Software maintenance releases (including Vulnerability and Security issues) and/or bug fixes will be scheduled up to December 31, 2023.

Maintenance Period

Service, support and upgrades for PDF3D products will continue for users on active maintenance agreements up to the end of 2023. After this date, all support services for PDF3D products will cease. Any maintenance renewals will only be accepted for periods ending on or before December 31, 2023 (with the annual fee pro-rata accordingly).

Continued Use

After the end of 2023, installer packages will be available for download from the company website with an open perpetual license, without keys, under the following conditions:

  • Customers on a perpetual license agreement may obtain a keyless installer free of charge;
  • Customers on annually recurring license agreements must upgrade to a perpetual license to continue to use the software.

SDK customers may continue to build and deploy runtime applications (with any royalties due). Anyone interested in a SOURCE-CODE license is invited to contact us to discuss the details.

Alternative Options

The Apryse Developer Suite and low code solutions allow developers, enterprises and small businesses alike to create, edit, and convert digital documents in their applications or company workflow (See Apryse.com).

For Developers

  • WebViewer – Render and process documents all within the security of the browser
    (see WebViewer BIM, markup and commenting tools to interactive 3D models via IFC)
  • Mobile - Deliver consistent document experiences for mobile form factors
  • Server - Embed document processing into your backend applications

For Enterprise

For Small Business

  • Xodo - Edit, merge, and sign PDFs, conversions (including to JPG, PNG, PDF/A)
  • Xodosign - Securely send, approve and sign documents online


1. Is there any equivalent software to PDF3D elsewhere in Apryse?

No, however there are other 3D systems with different functionality.

2. Are customers forced to stop using PDF3D?

No, customers with perpetual licenses may continue to use the software, albeit in a frozen version without support.

3. Will Perpetual licenses continue to work?

Yes, if you have a perpetual license, you may continue to use the software indefinitely.

However, if your software version requires keys, an alternative keyless version will be available by the end of 2023 for customers to install.

4. Will activation keys continue to work past 2023?

No, license keys using LMX, LLM types will be deprecated and become invalid after the end of 2023.

However, a replacement keyless version will be available for download and re-install, avoiding the requirement for keys.

5. How is the floating license server affected?

Because the floating license server is dependent on activation keys, this will stop working after 2023.

Client machine installations depending on the floating server may be replaced by the keyless version,
removing the dependency of the floating server.

6. Is there a limitation on the number of (floating server) simultaneous tokens?

No, Client machine installations may be replaced by the keyless version equivalent to the general use of
the previous simultaneous tokens, so users and work-flows are not affected.

7. Will documentation on pdf3d.com remain available?

Yes, documentation currently hosted on pdf3d.com will be available for customers by
downloading zip versions.

8. What released versions may be used after 2023?

Customers with perpetual licenses are free to continue to use the version they have,
either current or previous historic versions (subject to license key deprecation).
Keyless replacement versions will be available from version 2.24.

9. How can I obtain the latest version before support ends?

Please contact support@pdf3d.com and request a link.

10. Can Annual licenses be renewed after 2023?

No, for any customer on an annual license plan the software will cease to operate.
We strongly encourage annual customers to upgrade to perpetual to continue using the software.