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Introducing Apryse Innovation Days | New Concepts in Document Processing

By Riley Kooh | 2024 Apr 26

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Innovation has been the cornerstone of Apryse since its inception in 1998, originally operating under the name of PDFtron. As one of the early pioneers in the PDF industry, Apryse is constantly trying to push the boundaries of how the world interacts with documents. Now, with the exponential surge in digital transformation initiatives, our dedication to innovation is more evident than ever. To create a new outlet for our commitment to new ideas and empower our developers, we're excited to introduce Apryse Innovation Days.

What are Apryse Innovation Days?

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Apryse Innovation Days are a quarterly event where developers from across our organization come together to challenge each other to create impactful updates to our product lineup. This collaborative endeavor fuels creativity and fosters a culture of innovation within the industry of document processing. This year, the competition was fierce, with teams presenting inventive solutions and some even more inventive names.

Top 3 Teams and Their Projects

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3rd Place: Team Connect

Team Connect focused on enhancing collaboration features within WebViewer. Their innovative additions aim to streamline document collaboration, making it easier for users to work together seamlessly. By incorporating advanced collaboration tools, Team Connect aims to redefine the way teams interact with documents in real-time, fostering greater efficiency and productivity.

2nd Place: The Integrators

The Integrators took a deep dive into medical imaging with their project. Their innovation involved integrating LEADTOOLS DICOM/Medical imaging features into WebViewer. This addition expands the capabilities of WebViewer, allowing users to view and manipulate medical images directly within the platform. With this enhancement, medical professionals can now seamlessly integrate document viewing and medical imaging tasks, streamlining their workflow and improving patient care.

Read the blog post for more details on their medical imaging project.

1st Place: The HackStreet Boys

Claiming the top spot, The HackStreet Boys presented an impressive project focused on analytics tracking and visualization within WebViewer. Their innovation provides users with comprehensive insights - empowering organizations to make data-driven decisions. By visualizing analytics data within WebViewer, The HackStreet Boys aim to enhance user experience and drive greater value for businesses leveraging document solutions.

The Importance of Innovation in Document Processing

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As the reliance on digital documents grows across virtually every industry, innovative solutions are crucial for handling these digital workflows effectively; ensuring security, abiding by compliance regulations, and promoting a positive user experience. Apryse Innovation Days aims to provide developers with a fun but competitive space to create and share new ideas about how we can better equip our workforce for the digital world.

More to Come

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It wouldn’t do our participating teams any justice if we didn’t shine some light on their excellent work. In the coming days, new blogs will be released detailing the specifics of the top three teams' projects, including background on the idea creation, specific use-cases, technical insight, and more.

If you’re interested in learning more about anything Apryse – check out our GitHub or Discord channels to connect with our team.

Note: The projects covered here and in the other Innovation Days blog posts are not currently in product development. They are prototypes created specifically for this event. If you'd like to request the features you see here, you can fill out this form. Or, feel free to reach out to your CSM directly.

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