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Introducing Fluent: Eliminate Lengthy Development Work for Your Templates!!

By Conrad Presch | 2023 May 10

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Apryse is excited to announce the launch of Fluent, a powerful document automation platform that revolutionizes how enterprises generate data-driven templates. Fluent is the perfect platform for large organizations across various industries that are looking to optimize their document generation process with a flexible, easy-to-use solution.

As enterprises face increasing document volumes, document generation solutions are essential to scale with growing demands and prevent bottlenecks. Without document generation, the burden of developer hours required for creating templates becomes unsustainable, hindering productivity and diverting valuable resources from core business tasks.

Proven History

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Fluent includes the best elements of two existing document generation solutions from the Apryse product portfolio: Windward Core (Windward Studios) and iText DITO (iText). Those products come with over 20 years of proven enterprise-level document and report generation success.

Fluent's integrated solution equips users with three key components:

  • Designer tool for creating or editing templates.
  • Template manager for maintaining templates.
  • Engine for generating documents seamlessly at any scale.

Existing customers of the old products will continue to be supported.

Create, manage and produce documents efficiently with Fluent document automation platform.

Design your template, access it from the manager, then generate it using a world-class engine

Template Design Flexibility

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Access author reports, proposals, and other templates natively in Microsoft Word, Excel, or PowerPoint using the Fluent ribbon add-on. Support charts and graphs, table of contents, different page orientations, conditional content, and more using tools you’re already trained on. Any authorized user can quickly make simple changes without requesting technical help.

Learn how document generation technology like Fluent is helping address AEC talent shortages. Read the blog.

Data Integration Made Easy

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Simplify template data merging with seamless connectivity to multiple data sources simultaneously, such as XML, JSON, SQL databases, and over 150 supported integrations (Salesforce, SharePoint, Oracle, etc.). Choose from powerful in-line data tags you can tweak with conditional logic to create stories with your data. Create logic faster using the Fluent wizard tool that adapts to the language of your data source.

Connect to various data sources securely and generate powerful documents.

Merge data from multiple data sources or databases with a variety of tags

Create repeatable snippets with data connections for your templates using PODs (Portable Object Dockets). PODs can include individual tags, sets of tags, and entire tables, saving precious developer time constructing report logic like financial data tables or conditional agreement clauses. Non-technical users can easily insert data-linked PODs into templates without further enablement.

Centralized Template Management

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When you need to make changes to your templates and don't have time to put in a ticket, manage your templates' storage, access, and production in a centralized location. Govern user permissions and maturity statuses for your templates to ensure the right people access the correct templates and ensure they go into production.

Centralized template management for fast template production 

Store your templates in a centralized manager component

If you're using multiple Fluent engines, you can specify the promotion path to choose which engine should be used for a template's production to optimize your server load. Control the ebbs and flows of your production pipeline.

Powerhouse Engine for Document Generation

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Generate millions of documents annually with unrivaled accuracy and performance with Fluent's crowd pleaser. Output well-formatted documents, reports, and presentations in any popular business file format (PDF, HTML, DOCX, XLSX, PPTX, RTF, direct to printer, images).

Fluent: Powerhouse report engine

Generate documents at any scale with Fluent's flexible engine

Deploy and contain a Java or .NET Engine entirely in your environment, with RESTful API wrappers available for either option. Secure by design, your data never leaves your servers.

Embrace the Future of Document Automation with Fluent

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Fluent is a game-changer in the world of document automation, offering the best of each necessary component wrapped into one flexible solution that fits any enterprise environment. Every business works with documents – automate as many as you want with Fluent.

Documentation & Guides

Explore Fluent’s capabilities with our detailed documentation, your guide to mastering document automation.

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