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PDF SDK Bindings for PHP, Python, and Ruby

By Apryse | 2014 Feb 28

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PDFTron open sources PDFNet language bindings for PHP, Python, and Ruby.

We are happy to announce that the source code for the PHP, Python, and Ruby bindings for PDFNet are now open source.

This is in response to many PDFNet customers needing support for specific language versions. Previously, PDFTron’s pre-compiled bindings supported only specific versions of these languages (specifically PHP 5.3, Python 2.7/3.2, and Ruby 1.9). It was clear that PDFNet users required more flexibility to support different languages, versions, and system configurations.

By open sourcing PDFNet SWIG bindings, PDFTron clients are now in full control over programming languages, platforms, and environments used in their solutions.

Besides using PDFNet with PHP, Python, and Ruby, the provided interface files can be used as a template to interface PDFNet with other programming languages (such as Lua, Go, Mono, D, Perl, R, Ocaml, and other languages supported by SWIG).

PDFNet SWIG Project on GitHub: https://www.github.com/PDFTron/PDFNetWrappers

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