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How to Add PDF Viewing and Editing in Mendix

By Thomas Winter | 2022 Sep 12

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Mendix is an all-in-one, low-code platform that allows you to build complex workflows and apps. In almost every workflow you can fathom, documents play a central role. Knowing this, we’ve partnered up with Mendix to create a Mendix component that enables you to view, edit and manipulate documents in a secure and compliant manner, so you completely own the solution and data never leaves the application.

From redaction to form filling to annotating & collaboration, and much more – this blog dives into what you can accomplish with Mendix and Apryse WebViewer. After reading, you can learn more about WebViewer and all its PDF and Office capabilities! 

Customizable WebViewer UI for modifying documents and images in Mendix.

Customizable WebViewer UI for modifying documents and images in Mendix.

Use Cases and Capabilities

Like Mendix, Apryse caters to every vertical and provides building blocks that can be customized and tailored to any workflow. We provide several tools in a single WebViewer component, and below, you’ll find examples of our users and their use cases.

  • Engineers building a collaboration tool to markup architectural plans.
  • Government entities facilitating FOIA requests and removing PII information from documents.
  • Pharma and life science organizations preparing for an FDA approval and needing everyone to sign off.
  • Legal firms preparing for a court case and building a document bundle.


You can view MS Office documents in Mendix, such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. You can also render PDFs, images, and other file formats.

Annotating & Collaborating

Annotate by highlighting, commenting, underlining important information, drawing shapes, or simply chatting on the document. Use @mentions to get the correct individual’s attention.

Form Filling & Creation

Fill forms, edit form properties like read-only as required, add validation to ensure accurate information capture, and create PDF forms from scratch.

Editing & Page Manipulation

Insert pages, append, split, remove, crop, reorder, rotate, export, replace, and more. Edit PDF text and edit word documents in Mendix.


Safely remove sensitive content within PDFs without covering or obscuring it. Search and redact dates, phone numbers, addresses, SSNs, and other personally identifiable information.

Download the WebViewer Component

If you’re interested in developing a tailor-made document workflow that matches your user’s needs right on the Mendix platform, download the WebViewer component from the Mendix Marketplace.

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