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Introducing PDFTron SDK for Node.js

By David Tippett | 2019 Sep 23

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As part of our goal of providing the best cross-platform developer experience, we’re excited to announce that PDFTron SDK version 7.0.1 is available for Node.js on Windows, Linux, and MacOS as an npm package.

Developers can now build fast and scalable server applications using JavaScript to leverage the same powerful document-processing functionalities as well as industry-leading performance and accuracy of the native PDFTron SDK.

The PDFTron Node.js SDK supports the functionality of the entire native PDFTron SDK, including the following:

To maintain consistency across our products and simplify the developer experience, the JavaScript API was also designed to work in the same manner as the API available for our web platform -- with additional capabilities for accessing the file-system.

We can’t wait to see what you build! To get started, check out the instructions.

We hope the new packages work for you and any feedback is greatly appreciated. Don’t hesitate to contact us directly.

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David Tippett

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