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Introducing PDFTron SDK 6.9

By Aleksy Jones | 2018 Nov 13

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We are pleased to announce the release of PDFTron SDK 6.9. This release features greatly improved PDF/A support, as well as a number of other improvements. If you would like to try it out, check our guides for either Windows or Linux to get started.

Revamped PDF/A support

PDFTron SDK now features PDF/A validation and conversion that is more faithful to the ISO standard. And at this time, it is the only tool on the market which can produce PDF/A files that pass the VeraPDF validation tests. Take a look at our PDF/A sample code to get started.

Automatic streaming conversions

We have improved our conversion of multipage documents to PDF (whether it's a .docx, a .tiff, a .txt file, or something else). Currently, conversions using Convert.toPDF are synchronous and block until the entire document is converted.

In order to give users quicker access to a converted document, we have added the Convert.streamingPDFConversion, which returns a conversion object which can be queried for pages one at a time.

Improved Webviewer annotation support

Annotations generated by the Convert.toXod API will now contain custom appearance information when appropriate. WebViewer 4 can take advantage of this extra info to ensure that annotations created in other viewers have a consistent look in WebViewer.

More efficient downloads

Our cross platform PDF viewer has always had the ability to download PDFs automatically in a way that optimized for page viewing performance. PDFViewCtrl.OpenURLAsync can now limit bandwidth usage, only downloading the parts of a document which are required for viewing a particular page.

Maybe you have a 2000 page linearized PDF, but only want to look at pages 2 and 3 -- With the new restrictDownloadUsage option, that's all you'll need to download.

And more

We make a point of ensuring that each new release is faster and more reliable than the last. As with every release, this one includes a number of performance improvements, more robust handling of corrupt documents, and a number of bug fixes. See the changelog for more details.

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Aleksy Jones

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