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Higher-fidelity MS Office Support, With PDFTron SDK 7.1

By Aleksy Jones | 2020 Feb 18

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We are pleased to announce the release of PDFTron SDK 7.1. In keeping with our commitment to quality, robustness, and performance this release features more than 100 new improvements and fixes to the core library. Check out the details in our changelog.

Improved Office Conversion

For customers looking to add office support to their own solutions, PDFTron has always offered a number of advantages: it's the fastest solution on the market, runs on every platform that we support (including client-side in the browser), has no external dependencies, and it's simple to integrate with existing solutions. With this release, we've improved conversion fidelity across all our supported office filetypes (docx, pptx, xlsx, doc), making it an even easier decision to add Office support to your own App or workflow.

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When users see an Office document in one of supported viewers or convert a document to PDF using our SDK, it should be a seamless experience: there should be little indication that the file is not being viewed in a "native" Office editor. Towards this end, we've added support for a number of previously missing features, like auto-balanced multicolumn layouts, extended cell border styles, and a clipping algorithm for tables (both for cell contents, and the tables themselves) that more closely matches the behaviour of Microsoft Office.

These items are just a small sampling of the many new improvements; see our changelog for more of the details. Or better yet, download our SDK for you preferred platform ("Free Trial" button at the top of this page) and see the results for yourselves -- dependency-free office support is as easy as a couple lines of code (or take a look at our Office to PDF sample, to see the code in your favourite language).

We've also expanded the range of supported filetypes, adding dependency-free ppt capability. While doc and ppt files may not be as common as the more modern docx and pptx formats, we understand that legacy office files are an important part of many workflows, whether it's viewing and converting archived files, or responding to the needs of end users. Look forward to even more improvements in upcoming releases, as well as support for the xls format!

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Aleksy Jones

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