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Lasso Selection Tool, Text Link Annotations, and Multi-Language Support with PDFTron 9.0.0 for UWP

By Robson Pontin | 2021 May 05

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We’re proud to announce version 9.0.0 of the PDFTron SDK for UWP and with this release, even more options for developers looking to enrich the user experience when building Windows desktop and mobile apps. On top of support for six additional languages and many smaller enhancements, we’ve rolled out a brand new Lasso Annotation Selection Tool and Text Link Annotations. Now users will find the note-taking experience much richer, as they can precisely select their previously added markups and effortlessly embed their insightful references and citations.

Check out a list of improvements in the changelog. Now let’s dive into 9.0.0’s major additions.

Lasso Annotation Selection Tool

In another step forward for our selection features -- and one bound to enhance user productivity -- we added a new Lasso Selection Tool for PDF annotations. The new lasso tool gives users much more control over their selections. Now they can select just the annotations they want to include, with a more accurate selection result than relying on rectangular selection alone.

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Text Link Annotation

Next, we added the ability for users to embed their citations and references on text in a few easy clicks. UWP users can now drop in their hyperlinks and GoToPage actions by simply selecting relevant text and then using the link annotation tool.

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Multi-language Support

PDFTron’s UWP SDK, including all its UI components, now supports six added languages: German, Italian, French, Portuguese, Spanish, and simplified Chinese.

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To change the language for your project, drop the following snippet into your UWP App constructor.

public App()

    // Set language to simplified Chinese
    Windows.Globalization.ApplicationLanguages.PrimaryLanguageOverride = "zh-CN";

New PDFCompare and Pdf2Word Samples

Lastly, also this month, we added a couple new UWP samples to our documentation showcasing advanced PDFTron capabilities. Check them out:

A Thank You to Our Customers

As always, a big thank you to our customers for your insightful comments guiding our decisions on what useful additions to roll out next. Please contact us with any questions or suggestions regarding future releases. We’d love to get your thoughts!

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Robson Pontin

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