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New Annotation Toolbar Design, Thumbnail Viewer with Page Overlay and Marquee Zoom on PDFTron SDK 8.1.0 for UWP

By Robson Pontin | 2021 Jan 07

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Today, we are excited to welcome the new year with version 8.1.0 of PDFTron's UWP PDF SDK, including a better Annotation Toolbar interface with color feedback, a new Marquee Zoom tool, improved ThumbnailViewer control, and more!

For the full list of improvements, changelog.

New Annotation Toolbar Design

In this release, the Annotation Toolbar received a revamped design, with color feedback to improve the user experience when annotating documents.

Also, we locked the Undo and Redo buttons in place by making them static, even when resizing the toolbar, to guarantee easy access to them at all times.

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Thumbnail Viewer Control with Page Overlay

Next, we also improved the ThumbnailViewer control by adding a page overlay, supporting some quick and ultra-useful page actions such as add (left or right), rotate, delete, and export.

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Marquee Zoom

We also introduced a new zoom tool enabling you to magnify a selected region on a document by drawing a guide rectangle.

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Please don't hesitate to contact us in case of any questions or suggestions for the next releases.

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Robson Pontin

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