PDFTron is now Apryse. Same great products, new name.

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Pharma & Life Sciences

Accurate, reliable and fast document processing — easily add viewing, collaboration and document manipulation into your Pharma software.

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Key Benefits

Built-in Pharma & Life Sciences Features

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Real-time Collaboration

Upload PDFs, images, Word, Excel files and let users highlight, add shapes, make notes and respond to comments directly in the browser. Have multiple authors work on the same document in real time while controlling who can view, edit and annotate source files.

Add Annotations

Drop in any of the 26 pre-built PDF annotation types to give users the ability to mark up, comment and stamp documents. Create customized annotation appearances to add your own unique stamps and shapes to specialized workflows.

Version Control & Audit Trails

Keep notes, comments and other annotations separate from original source documentation by storing annotation in a separate XFDF file. Add in approval logic, track changes in an audit trail or merge annotations directly into documents.

Document Security

Prevent sensitive documents from being shared by overlaying a userID, timestamp and IP address when accessing files. Add document encryption and remove the ability to download, print or select text from a document.

Document Manipulation & Assembly

Programmatically assemble source documents for submittal to regulatory agencies. Merge, rotate, crop, shrink or split documents with straightforward and intuitive APIs.


Embed free-form redaction in your app to let users permanently remove sensitive information from source documents. Add automated redaction to your workflows to search and anonymize patient information.

Key Benefits

Secure By Design

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Generate PDFs

Create PDF files from text and form data within your application without using any external dependencies or drivers. Generate new PDFs by converting 30+ file formats — includes Microsoft Office documents and scanned images.

Digital Signatures

Let Investigators sign electronic case report forms with electronic freehand ink or by uploading uploading a high-resolution image. And authenticate signatures by embedding and extracting timestamps and certificates.

Data Capture with Forms

Give users the flexibility to capture clinical trial data through fillable, interactive PDF forms. Let CRAs capture data onsite entirely client-side — with no server or external dependencies. Extract data into a central database before flattening and time stamping as source documentation. Easily add, update or create a new form within your app.

Extract and Locate Data

Locate important data in source documentation by converting PDFs into readable Unicode text and extracting characters, words, and form fields. Populate a full-text search engine to search across source documents or programmatically search predefined locations. Automatically detect tables, and extract information as XML or HTML.

Add Even More Functionality

Speed time to market with the most complete PDF SDK on the market — supporting all major platforms, 30+ file formats, and hundreds of other unique features.

What our customers say

"We needed a standards-compliant, scalable, and resilient SDK for serving PDF files to clients, whereas previously, we had relied on open-source and commercial PDF libraries. Apryse [PDFTron] consolidated all the smaller components into a single set of mature ones and provided for our needs perfectly."

John Lazenby

Technical Development Director, Phlexglobal

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"Apryse [PDFTron] is so present and gets so involved in our problems. They have helped our engineering team scale quickly, move faster, and deploy faster without having to hire a lot of people. It’s like having an extra engineer on our team, and as everyone knows, it’s hard to find a good engineer."

Ryan Whitham

CEO and Co-Founder, Papercurve

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