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Introducing Support for Viewing and Editing PDF Portfolios and a New Snipping Tool in Apryse WebViewer 10.4

By Laura Massingham | 2023 Oct 11

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Process inefficiency from constant toggling between applications is top of mind for business leaders as everyone tries to do more with less. In fact, a recent Asana report found leaders use 10 apps a day on average, hurting focus and productivity. At Apryse, we support developers by providing the tools to enable complete workflows within a single app. We continuously add use cases to WebViewer with the goals of increasing in-app time and boosting user productivity.

With WebViewer 10.4, we added PDF Portfolio creation and screenshot capturing - bringing traditionally external tasks into one smooth, browser-based workflow. Additionally, the new snipping tool lets users annotate and share screenshots without switching apps.

Let's explore how these capabilities can benefit your web application or simplify document workflows.

Learn more about Apryse's PDF and DOCX editor functionality.

PDF Portfolios

A PDF portfolio bundles together various file types - Word docs, Excel sheets, PowerPoint slides, images, CAD files and more into a single PDF container. The individual files retain their original formats for easy access and editing in compatible applications such as Microsoft Office or AutoCAD. While portfolios are a great solution to many use cases, they cannot be edited and manipulated without another application, making them inaccessible to many users.

While many web browsers do not support viewing and editing of PDF portfolios, the Apryse WebViewer does. We are proud that not only does it offer the ability to view, edit, and manipulate PDF files and related content to meet multiple document processing use cases, it also allows users to open supported files (Office, PDF, image) in a new tab from a portfolio.

Portfolios provide an efficient way to organize related documents and assets for:

  • Loan applications, where many supplementary documents like bank statements, tax returns, appraisals must be attached. Portfolios simplify management for loan officers and customers by preserving the original file formats.
  • Legal trials, which involve many different files like depositions, exhibits, and research. Law firms can neatly compile relevant case documents in a portfolio without converting the original documents which comes with the associated risk of changes to the quality or structure of the documents.
  • HR onboarding, where new employee paperwork like health forms, handbook, 401K info can be packaged together in one portfolio file.
  • Responding to RFPs, where the proposal plus supporting sales literature and references can be submitted as a full portfolio without needing to create conversions of the original documents that may change the quality or structure of the originals.
  • Creative and student projects, to showcase artwork, writing samples, and other media together.

Snipping Tool

The new snipping tool allows users to capture any portion of a document open in WebViewer including text, images, and annotations. The snipped content can then be copied and pasted to other applications and saved as an image.

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The Snipping Tool Being Selected Via the Edit Toolbar

Even though there are multiple snipping tools on the market including Microsoft Snipping Tool and Apple Preview, our clients have been asking for a way to embed this capability into WebViewer rather than risk having screenshots floating around on users' desktops and hard drives. The convenience of capturing screenshots in one place encourages extended, active usage in end-user applications and enhanced productivity.

Users can review and capture key information from documents without leaving the application. Use cases include:

  • Saving annotated areas of a drawing or diagram for revision requests
  • Sharing an excerpt from a report or specification document for review 
  • Copying text snippets like quotes or formulas for use in reports or other documents
  • Collecting images from a PDF for reuse in presentations or manuals

Want to see Apryse WebViewer in action? Try out WebViewer features in our live showcase. Ready to add support for viewing and editing PDF Portfolios and snipping content in your own JavaScript applications? Get started coding with WebViewer. Upgrading is seamless for existing customers.

When you are ready to start incorporating these tools quickly and easily into your WebViewer application, please visit our related developer blogs: PDF portfolios how-to blog and the snipping tool how-to blog

As always, we welcome your feedback and feature requests! Feel free to reach out to our team on Discord for support and to learn more. We look forward to seeing what you build with the new WebViewer.

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Laura Massingham

Director of Product Marketing

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