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The Transition to a Java-Exclusive Fluent RESTful Engine

By Matt Binsfeld | 2024 Mar 15

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In the journey of software development, evolution is inevitable. It's a testament to progress and adaptability. With Fluent (formerly known as Windward), this evolution has taken a significant leap as we announce the transition of our RESTful Engine to be exclusively Java-based.

When the RESTful Engine was initially conceived, it was crafted within the .NET Framework environment. This decision marked a significant milestone for the Fluent product, broadening its accessibility by allowing document generation through a RESTful API across various programming languages and low-code environments.

However, as we delved deeper into the needs and preferences of our diverse clientele, a common theme emerged – the desire to separate from Windows-centric environments. It became evident that relying solely on the .NET Framework was limiting for many users who sought platform independence and flexibility.

As a result, the Apryse team set out to develop a Java version of the RESTful engine, leveraging technologies like Tomcat and Spring Boot. This endeavor was driven by a commitment to meet the evolving demands of our customers and to ensure that the Fluent product remains at the forefront of innovation and usability.

Through development and refinement, the Java version of the RESTful Engine gradually matured, eventually reaching an equal feature-set with its .NET Framework counterpart. This marked a milestone in the product evolution but presented a unique challenge – the coexistence of two versions of the same product, each rooted in different technological ecosystems.

After deliberation, it was evident that the Java iteration was the future of the RESTful engine; offering superior cross-platform compatibility, had superior performance metrics, and wasn’t limited to a Windows-centric environment.

The Java version is now even available as a Docker container image. This container image can easily be deployed anywhere with Docker and simplifies setup, removing the need to worry about dependent software and configuration.

Under rigorous testing, the Java version demonstrated a remarkable performance advantage. In certain workloads, it exhibited nearly double the efficiency in generating pages per second compared to its .NET Framework counterpart. This performance boost not only enhances productivity but also underscores our commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions that exceed expectations.

As we embrace this new chapter in our journey, we extend our gratitude to our loyal customers and dedicated team whose feedback and dedication have been instrumental in shaping the Fluent RESTful Engine's evolution.

If you have any technical questions, visit our docs pages or you can chat with us through our active Discord group.


Alternatively, if you have sales questions then please contact the Sales team who will be happy to help.

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