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Apryse: An OpenText™️ Brava!™️ Alternative

By Apryse | 2019 Oct 25

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OpenText™ Brava!™ Enterprise has been a solution for PDF-based project communications around the world.

As a commercial PDF SDK vendor, however, we’ve been contacted by dissatisfied Brava! customers looking for an alternative. Inspired by their feedback, we leveraged Apryse’s existing industry-leading document functionality to deliver that alternative, with features to ensure a seamless transition⁠—including full support for Brava! Annotations and web-based viewer tools, and CAD-to-PDF file conversion, as well as compatibility with all of today’s modern enterprise back-ends. (Try the Apryse WebViewer demo.)

Migrating Brava! Enterprise Customers to the Apryse SDK

Dissatisfied Brava! customers requested a PDF Software Development Kit (SDK) with the same file conversion, web viewer, and PDF annotation capabilities as Brava!, as well as an easy way to migrate existing user annotations. Their Brava! alternative also had to be reliable and performant across platforms—including all major browsers and on mobile.

With the highest Net Promoter Score among the top five PDF SDK vendors, Apryse proved the ideal solution for these customers. The cross-platform Apryse SDK already supported Brava!’s PDF viewer capabilities, including tools that would let users calculate area and measure designs at scale, compare files, redact, and more.

Functionality (partial list)

Apryse also already supported conversion of 30+ file types to PDF including image and MS Office format conversion. DWG/DXF/RVT-to-PDF conversion was introduced early this year.

File Types (partial list)

  • PDF, PDF/A
  • MS Office (DOC, DOCX, XLSX, PPTX)
  • Image (TIFF, JPG)
  • Much more...

Apryse even built out conversion from Brava! Annotations (XRL) to XFDF⁠— the ISO standard for PDF annotations interchange. Now former Brava! customers could easily migrate Brava! user markups and comments made on their PDFs in Brava!, and simplify their annotations management within a standardized format.

Lastly, coming soon will be a Apryse documentum connector that will let end users easily access, view, edit, annotate, and redact documents stored in enterprise-level DMS. Please get in touch for an advance preview.

The Bottom Line

Apryse provides a framework to transition customers, end users and all their annotations off of Brava! seamlessly. Now on the Apryse SDK, former Brava! users can leverage the same robust web viewer and document functionality, while customers enjoy access to hundreds of other unique PDF features and the best support in the industry.

Contact us today for your free personalized demonstration.

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