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Fast & Secure Document Generation: WebViewer and Fluent

Accelerate your document assembly with smart templates and user-friendly automation. Apryse offers two ways to generate your document templates: with WebViewer and the full benefits of our core technology, or with Fluent, our dedicated document-generation platform. Continue below to find out which solution is best suited for you.

Apryse SDK

Best suited for generating reports, invoices, letters, and contracts based on DOCX templates with JSON data directly within the browser or from your server

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Bespoke document generation

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Edit documents anywhere

Create and edit templates using the WebViewer’s DOCX editor, MS Office, or Google Docs.

Simple input, smart output

On-demand template generation from your browser using the WebViewer or generate documents from our server-side SDK running securely within your infrastructure.

Send, sign, manipulate

Send generated documents for signatures, censoring of sensitive information, side-by-side version comparison, and more.

Data sources



DOCX, XLSX, PPTX, any word processor with no plugins required




Best suited for generating high-volume, complex, ever-changing templates with graphs, charts, and built-in data calculations

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Full-cycle document generation

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Work within the familiar MS Office environment

Author templates natively in MS Word, Excel, or PowerPoint using the Fluent Designer add-on. Jump back into your templates from the template manager to make quick changes.

Simplify developer use, management, and maintenance

Fluent’s point-and-click capabilities make placing tags, creating logic, and linking data sources quick and easy, saving your developers’ valuable time.

Easily connect to multiple data sources

Merge data from JSON, XML, SQL databases, and 150+ supported integrations. Create stories with your data using charts, graphs, and a variety of advanced formatting capabilities.

Data sources

JSON, XML, SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, MS Dynamics, OData, Salesforce, SharePoint, DB2




PDF, DOCX, XLSX, PPTX, HTML, PDF/A-3b, RTF, Direct to Printer, Images

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